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Meet the Future

Facebook Business

Meet The Future, Gen Z is an audience based project for Facebook for Business. 

The brief? Create compelling content about Facebook apps and the platform, as the place to be for businesses and brands to share and interact with Gen Z audiences. The main objectives were to show Facebook as a platform that understands its audiences by driving people to the MTF report. 


Based on a study led by Facebook, we were able to establish key themes with the audience including: community, identity, activism, shopping and wellness. These themes helped drive the content and ultimately the questions we wanted to ask Gen Z creators we'd chosen to feature. We worked with content creator, Basma Khalifa, to bring our ideas to life and to take on her vision for the style and final edit of the content. 

In total we created one longform social video, featuring all the creators, plus social cut downs of each of the 5 key themes. I also created the email and website copy that helped promote both the videos and the final report.

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