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Facebook - Friday For Good

A Facebook for Business internal project.

Whilst working at Facebook, I was asked to help revamp and promote their Friday For Good (FFG) program following the move to online events and webinars due to COVID-19 restrictions. 

FFG is an internal program that sets out to empower nonprofits and charities through digital skills using the Facebook platforms. FFG hosts events and webinars showcase how to use the platform from the Facebook experts themselves.  

​We created a range of assets including presentation decks, animations, static ads, emails and the web page refresh in order to encourage both nonprofits and charities to sign up to the service, as well as internal comms for staff, at Facebook, to join the program to help others.

​With next to no budget, we create simple yet effective visuals playing heavily on typography, with emphasis on the word 'good'. We also incorporated hands as a visual nod to 'giving a helping hand' and also add a human element to the visuals.

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