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Listerine / Total Care


The common misconception with Listerine is that its taste is strong and sometimes burns. 

They tasked us with creating online content to reach millennials and encourage them to pick their new Listerine Total Care Zero. They wanted to create awareness around this mouthwash as it's been specially formulated to remove that strong, overbearing taste with a milder version. 

Tapping into popular dance video culture we create a comparative campaign using identical twins to show the difference between normal Total Care and Total Care Zero. We were careful never to say one is better than the other, but just to raise awareness of the milder tasting option.


We worked with a choreographer to create a dance that brought to life the normal bathroom routine and make Listerine more appealing to millenials. Plus with a sound engineer to create original backing track using only bathroom items to create the sounds. 

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