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Onto - Happily EV After

Whilst working at Creature London, I created a TV ad for a new electric car subscription service called Onto. 

Being the UK's only fully electric subscription service gave us the upper hand in promoting living ‘happily EV after’

The concept is based around the freedom an Onto subscription can give you. From being able to switch to the latest models when needed, not paying a deposit, and also enjoying flexible contracts, it was a no brainer that we needed to promote how breezy life can be when you choose Onto. 

Working with Sticker Studios and director Tom, we brought to life my happily EV after cloud world through a mix of real life and CGI. 

​The finished result? Pretty dreamy.

ONTO_30_211012_V6_MIXED_GRADED.00_00_05_08.Still024 Option 1.tif
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