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Fuslie X Galaxy Book

Samsung Galaxy Book4 Ultra - New way to PC



Samsung challenged us to come up with product review content for their new Galaxy Book4 Ultra laptop - that wasn't just the standard

talk-to-camera influencer video. 


We created two engaging social content videos that we tailored to lived on Samsung's channels and also the influencer's. Resulting in a main video and behind the scenes style content video.

Fuslie, our influencer, is well known for gaming and content creation. We used this to our advantage to create content that not only showcased the product, but also tapped into our influencer's passions to create visually engaging content.

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Samsung main video

The first video, our main one, we filmed in a mixture of studio and home setting. The idea behind it was to capture an interview, documentary style video that gave our audience an insight into both Fuslie, our gamer and content creator, as well as the laptop. Tailoring the content to suit an audience who look for similar specs in a laptop. 

Behind the scenes influencer video

For the second video we created something that was more authentic to Fuslie's channel. The idea being that we wanted to still capture the laptop and her experience but in a more natural, low-fi way. 

Using a second team on shoot, we captured a long form BTS video, a cut down and some bloopers too.

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